Confidently Invest in Passive Real Estate Deals in 4 Weeks

Learn the exact strategies I've used to create additional streams of income on the road to financial freedom.

(Without the hassle of weeding through tons of biased information online and still not knowing if you’re making a big mistake)


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If you’re a busy physician or a high income earner looking to generate passive income through professional real estate opportunities like syndications and funds, then you already know that gaining the knowledge to choose a good investment isn’t easy.

You already make a good living, but you want your money working for you. Your goal is to not only create more income, but to gain more control of your time... time to spend how you want with the ones you love.

Unfortunately no one teaches you how to vet these opportunities in school and to figure out what is actually legit. The existing books on the subject are confusing and usually target those who want to run these investments professionally.

This is a trillion dollar industry and for so long only institutional investors or wealthy insiders have had access to private real estate deals. With recent changes in regulations, this world has opened up to other high net worth individuals like you and me.


Here’s What You Might Not Know...

You already make a good income, however, your income is dependent on you and the hours you put in. Investing in passive real estate opportunities allows you to:

Create Passive Income

Passive income is income that isn’t proportional to the time you put in. It’s definitely a foreign concept for most of us, but imagine being able to scale your time, to make more while working less.

This allows you to…

Take Control of Your Time

Decide how you want to spend your time and with whom. If finances weren’t an issue, how would you be spending your time? That choice is  called financial freedom.

Which allows you to...

Practice Medicine on Your Own Terms

Many of us went into medicine with the idea that our lives would turn out a certain way. Unfortunately the world of medicine has changed dramatically due to political, regulatory, and private corporations.

Many of us work in environments that are far from ideal but feel pressured to stay in them due to financial pressure. Imagine if you could choose how you work, when you work, just like a hobby.

Even though having additional streams of passive income is something we all would love to have, gaining the knowledge to feel confident about how to invest your money to make it happen is another thing altogether.

Invest for Passive Income? Absolutely.

But, where do I start?

Perhaps you know of colleagues or friends who have been investing in real estate on the side to create additional monthly income.

Perhaps you’ve seen their lives change as a result. They’re able to make some more choices as to how much they work as a result.

You’ve committed to making it happen. You started learning on your own by reading blogs, listening to podcasts. Maybe you’ve bought a book on the subject yet you still feel clueless.

Maybe you’ve been presented deals or seen them online and it’s utterly confusing. You wish someone would just explain it to you in plain language.

Maybe someone you know is investing in a deal, but is following them blindly and crossing your fingers a good quality plan?


The returns seem good, but perhaps you’re wondering if it’s a scam.
Whom can you trust?

Well, it’s a lot of money to invest at one time and you don’t want to lose any of that hard-earned money. You worked hard for that income and you don’t want to see that flushed down the drain.

It seems like others have figured this whole thing out. And you’d like to as well.

Well, it’s not as complicated as you might think. You can get to a point where it makes sense. That is, if you utilize the right resources to help you get there.

I'M IN!!!

There Are 3 Reasons Why Some Don’t Invest In These Opportunities.

They feel they don't have enough:

Well I’m going to let you in on something I’ve learned over the years investing in real estate.

It’s not all that difficult to learn this stuff.

It’s all about having the base knowledge and then asking the right questions to feel comfortable in your decision.

Sure it’s another language, but it’s something that can easily be learned.

You’re already quite successful and finding a way to excel at is something you’ve done in the past. You have all of the mental tools necessary to vet deals effectively. You just have to learn how to use these tools and not do what the majority of people who end up in bad deals do: never learn how to vet deals properly.

Once you have the knowledge, you’ll learn that you can weed out most deals presented to you in a short amount of time. You’ll get faster and faster at it just like any learned skill, then finding good deals won’t require an extreme amount of time.

You may think you don’t have enough capital to invest, however, with newer regulations, there are opportunities to invest at all sorts of minimums. If you’re still saving up, you want to be armed with the knowledge of what to do once you get there.

Most people when they invest in passive real estate opportunities, they simply cross their fingers and hope for the best. We all know that’s not the best way to invest.

We make excuses for why we can’t learn, but it’s just that no one has shown you how to find good deals. No one has definitely shown you how to figure out what deals NOT to invest in.

Your time is valuable. You shouldn't be jumping from random post to random post to figure this stuff out on your own over months to years.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have one course that puts it all together for you?

If you’d like to join me, I’d love to show you how to vet these opportunities.



Passive Income By Investing in Syndications

Go from zero to little knowledge to confidently investing in passive real estate deals and reach your goal of creating additional streams of income.

I’ve taken what I’ve learned investing in real estate over the years and channeled it into a comprehensive system that teaches you how to vet syndications and funds.

Yes, you’ll learn the right questions to ask so you know what you’re investing in and exactly why you shouldn’t be investing in others.

The end result: Knowledge which you’ll have for the rest of your life to vet any deal that you come across.

Course Outcomes

If you'd like financial freedom and want to use passive real estate as a vehicle to get there, it's important to:

  • Know what’s a good deal

    Understand the fundamentals of real estate analysis and evaluation. Understand fees and incentives. Know the right questions to ask.

  • Know what’s not a good deal

    Understand what it looks like when a deal is not in your favor. Know when assumptions aren’t conservative.

  • Learn the strategies to build a portfolio that meets your goals

    Understand how to build a diversified portfolio and know the different strategies when investing in passive real estate.

  • Create consistent streams of passive income

    Understand how these real estate deals create cash flow as well as gains in the future.



Passive Income By Investing in Syndications is the first course of its kind that:

  • Is High Yield, With Your Limited Time in Mind

No wasted time or extraneous filler to make it seem larger than it is. The goal is to take months and years and condense it into hours. 

  • Considers That You’re Not a Real Estate Professional

The goal is to help you achieve the results that you want without the overly complicated technical stuff that is geared toward those doing this professionally.

  • Shows you real life examples of how to go about vetting these opportunities

Each section will show you how to implement these techniques when talking to the professionals, helping to remove the intimidation that sometimes comes along with this.

  • Provides access to course creators and a community of others who are learning the same.

You will be a part of a community that is learning together and you will be able to celebrate wins together.

How The Course Works

The course is delivered in weekly modules consisting of video lessons and worksheets. Even though it's launched weekly, you can take it at your own pace. We know you're busy!

Module 1

Intro to Real Estate, Your Why, The Roadmap

Module 2

Getting To Know The Sponsor

Module 3

All About The Money

Module 4

Understanding The Market And The Property

Here’s What You Get When You Enroll Today

  • Passive Income By Investing In Syndications Modules - $1997
  • Private Facebook Group access - $549
  • Worksheets - $499
  • Bonus Videos - $399
  • List of Resources & Terminology - $49
  • Live Q/A sessions - $649

When you add it all up, that’s a value of $4,142

Pricing Options

When you enroll today, you’ll get access to everything for just:




4 Modules

Private FB Group Access


Bonus Videos

Live Q&A Sessions

List of Resources & Terminology





4 Modules

Private FB Group Access


Bonus Videos

Live Q&A Sessions

List of Resources & Terminology

BONUS: Chance to win two 30-min private coaching sessions 


Enrollment for Passive Income By Investing In Syndications has ended!

Hope to see you next time, and in the meanwhile, consider joining our Facebook community (Passive Income Docs) and checking out the Passive Income MD blog.









"When I started this course, I knew next to nothing about real estate syndications. In four weeks, I learned what I needed to know in order to confidently diversify my investment portfolio through real estate syndications. It is well worth the price of admission. "

James D. Turner, MD

"I now have the confidence to ask informed, educated questions when vetting a sponsor. From the beginner who knows absolutely nothing about the space, to the seasoned professional who needs a refresher or summary—everyone should find value in it. "

Yume Nguyen, MD

"I’m a real estate enthusiast with some syndication investing experience, but I had no systematic way to evaluate them. This course gave me more confidence to apply this knowledge into a well structured approach in evaluating deals faster without sacrificing due diligence. Within a month of finishing the course, I’ve already rejected one deal and have committed to two with confidence."

Alvin Dandan, MD

"I started off this course with no awareness or knowledge of the concept of syndications. I now have a good grasp of the numbers involved and the process for how to understand the deals. This course is good for the novice or newbie, as well as the experienced investor in other sub-sectors of real estate investments who is not familiar with syndications."

Doug Jaffe, MD

Passive Income MD

Money Back Guarantee

Passive Income By Investing In Syndications is the most high yield, digital course for busy professionals who want to learn how to invest in passive real estate without searching for months online for the answer.

By the end of 14 days, you’ll have received access to 2 of the modules (half of the course). This means that you’ll already have gotten the basics of what it means to invest in passive real estate as well as learn how to vet the most important people in the process, the Sponsors.

If you don’t feel totally confident that you’ll be able to tackle future deals with more confidence through what you've learned, simply reach out to us within 14 days of launch and we’ll refund your investment completely.

What People Ask Before Signing Up For Passive Income By Investing In Syndications

(Frequently Asked Questions)

Absolutely, in fact it was created with you in mind. We’re starting from the beginning, however, we will be moving you along at a good pace so that even if you have some starting knowledge, you’ll start getting value of the course early on.

You’re a busy professional so we created this high yield course to be taken in chunks at your own convenience. You can listen to parts of it in the car, or when you have a moment between patients. 

That means that if you want to start a few months from now, you can and you’ll lock in the current price.

Even though we’ll release it weekly, there’s no set time to log in and follow along. You can log in 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for as long as you wish, well beyond the 4 weeks.

You will also get any and all the updates to the program free of charge for life.

If $1,297 is the difference between you eating or being able to pay rent, I would advise you NOT to buy this course. Use that money for your daily expenses.

The person that should buy the course is the person that understands the value of investing in their own education but is not putting themselves into financial hardship. Personally I believe that the course has a lifetime value of over 10x the price, but no way I'm setting the price there.

Well that depends on how you value your time and whether you use the knowledge gained from the course.

“I spent months and months looking for this info and never found it, I found it in one course and it saved me so much time.” Dr. Doug Jaffe

“Right away I was able to look at deal and realize it wasn’t a good one.” Dr. Alvin Dandan

How much would you pay to save months of time of aimless searching? How much you pay to avoid one bad $50,000 deal?

I've spent so much time figuring out how to provide maximum value for the students in this course NOW, that I haven't figured out when I'll launch it next.

No problem. You have a full two weeks to try it out. If for any reason you don’t like it, I’ll refund you the money in full, no questions asked. That means you will get to check out half of the course to decide if it is for you.

Great question and one that I struggled with before as well. That’s why it’s necessary to properly and thoroughly vet the sponsors and this course should give you the tools to do just that.

There are plenty of great ways to invest and do well.

Many people like to invest in low cost mutual funds and have had success.

I think real estate has a great mix of high returns, tax advantages, and is a great way to diversify your portfolio. You are also able to create positive cash flow that can be used to change your life immediately.

Syndications help with the more troublesome part of real estate namely the hassles of being a landlord and having to deal with the day-to-day operations. 

There are a couple of reasons not to invest in syndications. Syndications are pretty passive after the initial investment, but if you don’t have the time to do the initial vetting then you should not invest in syndications.

They also usually have higher minimum requirements of $25,000-$50,000 and the money is usually held up for 3-7 years. So if you didn’t have the minimum requirement or if you needed the money back before that time you should not invest in syndications.

Hi, I'm Peter Kim...

I've invested heavily in real estate and have learned a lot about what works and what doesn't when it comes to investing in private real estate deals.

I started writing about my personal journey in my blog, Passive Income M.D., with the hopes of helping other physicians navigate the same problems I came across.

After 3 years, I came to realize that physicians needed more than the occasional blog post about it. 

That's why I created this course and community- to help demystify and break down passive real estate investing so that even the busiest professionals can understand how to make smarter investment decisions.


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