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“As an entrepreneur with an existing business outside medicine, I wasn't sure if I would get much out of the summit. I was SO wrong! I learned so much in the first 2 sessions that I immediately purchased the all-access pass. It was so helpful to hear from other entrepreneurs about the common struggles and how they successfully created their business and life they wanted. Truly inspiring!”

- Katie Deming MD, Past Attendee

“This summit was more than I expected. It was so inspiring to see other doctors who are just like me taking control of their lives and financial situations. I have been feeling so stuck and feeling like I am the only one.

However, after watching these amazing talks by so many doctors, it makes me realize that so many different things & different career paths are possible and can be achieved. Thank you!!”

- Rosalyn Morrell MD, Past Attende

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We created the Leverage & Growth Summit to provide inspiration, new ideas, and a sense of real community for doctors who want to take back control of their lives...

And with expert speakers like Dr. Jim Dahle of The White Coat Investor & Dr. Sunny Smith of Empowering Women Physicians… It’s no wonder people get excited about this event.

No matter where you are on your entrepreneurial journey, the information revealed in this summit could be the missing piece to help you reach your next goal.

While I was starting Passive Income M.D. & pursuing income opportunities outside of traditional medicine...

I looked for inspiration from other doctors who had created the careers & lives of their dreams, and the mentorship I received from them was ultimately priceless.

Now that it’s my turn to “pay it forward.” I am inspired and humbled by the impact that this event continues to make for physicians around the country.

Don’t just take it from me — be sure to review this page to see some of the passionate testimonials we’ve earned from physicians of every kind.

With everything that docs are up against in 2021 & beyond… this type of information is more important now than ever before.

They say the best investment is the one you make in yourself…

I agree.

Thanks for joining us & welcome to the movement.

Founder of Passive Income MD & The Leverage & Growth Summit For Physicians

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Hear More From Other Doctors Who Have Attended The Summit:

“I've been getting nervous of the medical environment and tired of day to day medicine. Even though I'm private practice and have full autonomy, this pandemic has shown how vulnerable our income stream is if forced to not see patients. Even my wife who is risk averse is ready to move forward into our first real estate venture!”

- Prashant Singri, MD

“The summit was a great overview of what other doctors are doing outside of a traditional pathway in medicine. I love how it featured a variety of physicians as well as ages and it showcased some very personal stories. I really appreciated how everyone spoke from the heart and not in a way that was self-promoting, but honest and open.”

- Grace Chung MD

“...I am now motivated to make changes in my life. Thank you for creating this community and making it accessible to beginners!”

- Michelle Goñi, MD

“Having a community of people who are in different stages of their entrepreneurial journey was helpful to realize everyone starts somewhere, and we need to just believe and do - rather than stay in the doubt stage.”

- Richa Mittal MD

“This summit encouraged me to take steps towards making my online business dreams a reality. Dr. Kim and his team put on a great event. I'm so encouraged!!!”

- Brent Lacey, M.D.

“I signed up for the leverage and growth summit on a whim, when I saw the ad through Instagram. After one day of free talks, I knew I needed to purchase the VIP pass because they were so valuable. The facebook group was even more valuable! Everyone has been so encouraging and resourceful. Even though I'm early in my journey to life outside of being a doctor, I've never been more excited. Thanks, Peter and the entire team!”

- Melissa C., MD

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“This Leverage & Growth Summit was just exactly what I needed in my life. Hearing 50+ physicians share how they succeeded in making an impact while monetizing their efforts made me realize that not only can I do it but that there's nothing stopping me from doing so except myself…”

- Francis Yoo, DO

“The leverage and growth summit for physicians is both inspiring and informative. It is well worth any physician’s time as there’s at least a little bit for everyone in the talks. I am very thankful to everyone who made this possible and shared their stories”

- Matthew Procopio MD

“I am so inspired by all the speakers. My mindset has shifted from making excuses to taking charge and formulating a plan. I have started collecting information, reading, making connections, setting goals and am determined to trust in and enjoy the process.”

-  Maheswari Raja MD

“I'm really inspired by the breadth of interests of the presenters and the people I was introduced to via the summit Facebook group. Firstly, it made me feel good because it showed me that it's OK to be more than a doctor and that being a doctor does not have to define who I am. There was an amazing energy present that felt completely genuine. I still have some videos to watch, but I will keep listening, keep learning, and continue on my path…”

- Heather Hall, MD

“The summit really helped reassure me I am not alone. While I am just starting on my journey of figuring out the other income streams, it was helpful to know others have felt the same way about wanting to give more and not limiting their ideas to traditional medicine.

- Brooke Jeffy MD

“Thank you! I learned about ideas and communities that I had never even heard of before.”

- Tikka Patel, MD

“...This summit was a source of information, inspiration and connection…”

- Joel J Napenas DDS

“I am so inspired by all the speakers. My mindset has shifted from making excuses to taking charge and formulating a plan. I have started collecting information, reading, making connections, setting goals and am determined to trust in and enjoy the process.”

-  Maheswari Raja MD

“This summit provided me with a group of physicians who are dedicated to personal growth and fulfillment in their medical careers. It was so refreshing to hear from physicians who have created their dream careers and lives and who have done it unapologetically. It gives me permission to do the same!

- Kristin Yates DO 

“Wow! What an incredibly talented and passionate group of bright minds willing to share their stories in order to help other physicians. I'm inspired by these speakers to continue to think outside the box regarding my career as well as help other physicians achieve professional fulfillment.” - Helen Rhodes, MD


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The price is $147 during the conference, and $247 after.

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